History of MRCTCM

The Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine (MRCTCM) is a Sino-Maltese cooperative project.

the 16th China Medical Team

Current Team - 16th China Medical Team
A Sino-Maltese Cooperative Project 

The Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine (MRCTCM) was set up in 1993 and through which Maltese citizens have access to Chinese therapies, thanks to an agreement between the Maltese and Chinese governments. According to government statistics, China has sent a total of 26,000 medical team workers to 71 countries and regions since 1963, as part of international overseas medical aid missions.

Its three principal aims have always been, and remain:
- Provide insight about the origins, development, benefits and the essence of the traditional Chinese medicine and the relation with the Modern Medicine.
- The treatment of patients
- The education of the medical community and the general public, both Western and Chinese in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The therapies offered at the clinic include acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage and other physical therapy. The daily clinical work of the centre, is carried out by Chinese doctors sent from the Health Department of Jiangsu Province of the People’s Republic of China. An English language interpreter and a chef complete the team which is replaced with a new team every year. The Practitioners at the centre are fully certified and have had over 3,000 hours of training at a reputable school/university in China and passed examinations required for the safe and legal practice of TCM therapies. Their expert and effective healing treatments have helped the Centre earn a good reputation among the Maltese and people of other nationalities, and also greatly expanded the influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Malta and beyond.

Dr. Jiang Yawen

Dr. Jiang Yawen, Director of The 16th China Medical Team 
16 Medical Teams 

So far, 16 medical teams have served in MRCTCM over the past 26 years. A total of nearly 220,000 patients including local Maltese people as well as foreign and Chinese communities residing in Malta have been treated using the ancient treatment techniques of acupuncture, massage, and sometimes physical therapy. The Centre has also provided treatment to the highest officials in the country. The Maltese people know our centre and know TCM. The results are important and as long as the patients have good results, they will keep coming to the Centre. Some of the patients visiting the Malta Centre come only as a last resort, after conventional treatments have failed to cure their problems.

Outpatient Services: Two doctors from the centre carry out outpatient services at the two state hospitals respectively in Malta and Gozo. When opened in 2008, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic at the Mater Dei Hospital in Malta was the first of its kind at a European public hospital.

Medical evacuation: The MRCTCM has also actively participated in the massive operation organized by the Chinese Government to evacuate Chinese nationals from Libya via Malta in early 2011 by providing medical services to the evacuees.


Apart from providing medical services, the MRCTCM also organizes educational seminars and training lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine and courses on Chinese self-massage. The centre has also become the teaching base to aspiring Chinese medicine practitioners in Europe.

With this website we further aim to pursue these goals by widespread public education including dissemination of information via the media.