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Introduction for Qigong Beginners:

How to learn 8 Form Tai Chi (Start form):

Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day Module 01 - easy for beginners:

1. Tendon Change Classic

2. Wei Tuo Presenting Pestle

3. Monster Controlling Magic Pestle

4. Supporting Heaven Gate with Palm

5. Picking Star and Changing Constellation

6. Pulling Nine Oxen by Their Tails

7. Displaying Paw and Spreading Wings

8. Nine Ghosts Pulling Sabre

9. Three Plates Falling on Ground

10. Blue Dragon Displaying its Claws

11.Hungry Tiger Pouncing on Its Prey

12. Bowing Down in Salutation to Beat Drum

13. Shaking Head and Tail

14. Practicing Method of Shao Lin Internal Exercise

15. Standing Stance

16.Horse Stance

17. Bow Stance

18. Close Stance

19. Big Stance

20. Suspending Stance

21. Pushing Eight Horses Forward

22. Pulling Nine Oxen Backward

23. Pulling Golden Ring with One Hand

24. Phoenix Spreading Its Wings

25. Conqueror Supporting Tripot

26.Pushing Boat along Water Flowing

27. Embracing the Moon

28. Immortals Guiding Way

29. PingShouTuoTaHolding Tower with Flat Hand

30. Turning Palm to Fold Tile

31. Wind Blowing Lotus Leaf

32. Supporting the Sky with Two Hands

33. Single Phoenix Facing the Sun

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