MRCTCM’s team of TCM specialists have not only completed a thorough education in Chinese Medicine in China, but have also worked for many years in both China and Europe, consolidating their knowledge and experience. Subsequently, our specialists have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and philosophy, as well as an understanding of the western mentality. Our therapists strive to constantly improve and adapt to the advances of our time. They can thus respond optimally to the individual needs of our clients. Such an arrangement allows our customers to build a long term relationship of trust with their therapists.

Confucius himself saw a good patient-therapist relationship a key aspect of medicine. We take our specially tailored treatment plan to improve and heal your symptoms very seriously. Accordingly, we insure that we make time for each patient. The trust and respect of our patients is highly valued. We want you to feel comfortable with us.

Our therapists are not only competent in TCM, but are also competent in the Foundations of Western medicine and are experts in anatomy. Although TCM is an ancient Chinese tradition, our therapists are anything but old-fashioned. They partake regularly in further education parallel to their jobs. MRCTCM combines old traditions with modern science, Chinese wisdom with the interest to prove the chemical and physical reactions of TCM and medical understanding with holistic methods.