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Smoking is an addiction which is extremely tough to get rid of. The addiction of nicotine reigns supreme. Side by side, we are all aware of the life threatening consequences of this dependency. Various systems of medicine are trying to come up with a comprehensive solution to help people free themselves of this habit. They yield varying degree of success. However, the traditional Chinese medicine when used can yield fantastic results. It is worth the effort.

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A combination of acupuncture, generally placed around the ear (… auricular acupuncture), and herbal teas provide a highly successful method in helping smokers kick their habit. As with other forms of acupuncture, the acupuncture points of the outer ear can be used to stimulate and treat many other parts of the body. Auricular acupuncture is well known as an effective treatment for all kinds of addiction, but it can also help digestive problems, joint pains, emotional problems, respiratory disorders and hormonal issues. 

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The treatment period is very short - usually comprising a one month cycle of three treatments, with a recommendation that the patient continue the use of the herbal tea thereafter. Painless and fast-acting, TCM offers probably the fastest and most reliable method of quitting beyond cold turkey and will-power.

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